this is the private services speaking

take your headphones
cut your thoughts
let your feelings lose control


stean wagner-mahler 88


the picture u see is no portrait of me 
it's 2 real to be shown 
2 someone i don't know

name:                    *
born:                     05.03.64 in gummersbach / west germany
home:                   düsseldorf near the rhine
profession:          chemist
status:                  turning japanese
alter egos:           stean wagner-mahler, stean 95, stean w.m.04, r'me'o jc, STH d'europe, harry hongkong,
                             billy bangkok   and many more
main interests:    thinking, seeing, hearing, believing (the truth is in here), doing, playing, watching, being

current favorites (x-cerpt)

long-player:  missglückte welt (swiss &die andern) / out (die nerven) / smear campaign & the best of (napalm death)
                   love & hate (michael kiwanuka) / soul eyes (kandace springs) / zigzagger (takuya kuroda)
                     every country's son (mogwai) / endlich nichts (spaceman spliff) /
last place (grandaddy)
                     inter alia (at the drive in) / lost in the dream (the war on drugs) / searching for sugarman (rodriguez)

song:           chloe (duke ellington) / naima (john coltrane) / rise (herb alpert)
video:          ausgebombte herzen (swiss & die andern)
concert:       kraftwerk (01.07.17, ehrenhof ddorf), Wacken open air 03.-05.08.17

tv:                death note (7maxx), south park (viva), one piece (7maxx), family guy (pro7)
radio:          sportzeit (news89.4, antenne düsseldorf - nur mit Fortuna auswärts live)

movies:      your name

sports:        FORTUNA 95 (always & 4ever) / futsal  / biking around

print:           die ungetrösteten (kazuo ichiguro) / no logo (naomi klein) / tschick (wolfgang herrndorf)

shops:        british empire (nürnberg, krebsgasse 9), hitsville (d, wallstrasse)
beverage:   Alt (uerige, schumacher) / red red wine (mythique; amarone)
                    shochu / pastis 51 / bloody mary / mojito

all time favorites (x-cerpt)
long-player: the rise and fall of ziggy stardust & the spiders from mars (david bowie) /  closer (joy division)
                     IV (ton steine scherben) / hatful of hollow (the smiths)  / baby, the stars shine bright (ebtg)
                     racer x (big black) / jordan - the comeback (prefab sprout) / diary of a hollow horse (china crisis)
                     hard (gang of 4) / 33 tage in ketten (fehlfarben) / low (david bowie) / psychocandy (jamc)
                     more specials (specials) / love (aztec camera) / low life (NewOrder) / café bleu (style council)
                     violent femmes (violent femmes) / songs from northern britain (teenage fanclub)
                     spirit of the eagle (zimbabwe frontline) / freaks (pulp) / grauzone (grauzone) / christmas (low)
                     fisherman's blues (waterboys) / lies lies & government (calvin party) / rock action (mogwai)
                     monarchie & alltag (fehlfarben) / live in tokyo (pil) / doolittle (pixies) / psykick dance hall (the fall)
                     nebraska (bruce springsteen) / the very thought of you (norma waterson) / acoustic (ebtg)
                     relationship of command (at the drive-in) / harmony no harmony (million dead)    
song:            shellshock (NewOrder) / shipbuilding (robert wyatt) / i go 2 spain (the fall) / crazy (patsy cline)
                     bela lugosi's dead (bauhaus) / love will tear us apart (joy division) / let me go (heaven 17)
                     killing moon (echo & the bunnymen) / little fluffy clouds ( the orb) / bang bang (cher) 
                     hit that perfect beat (bronski beat) / atomic  (blondie) / practise makes perfect (wire)
                     worldinmotion (EnglandNewOrder) / leave a light on (belinda carlisle) / no good (prodigy)
                     sea of love (phil philips & the twilights) / budd (rapeman) /  where is my mind (pixies)
                     everybody's free (rozalla) / feeling so real (moby) / paul ist tot (fehlfarben) / all of me (june)
                     shout to the top (style council) / considering a move to memphis (colourblind james experience)
                     noone a gonna run me (king short chan) / dogs are everywhere (pulp) / stand by me (ben e king)
                     i don't like mondays (boomtown rats) / dance of life (zion train) / blue christmas (low)
                     theme from a summer's place (acetone) / blue monday (NewOrder) / target (simon joyner)
                     time - clock of the heart (culture club) / panic (smiths) / blue moon revisited (cowboy junkies)
                     can't take my eyes off of you (four seasons) / jonny (holger hiller) / fight for your right (beasty boys)
                     1979 (smashing pumpkins) / a hymn for the alcohol (hefner) / i see a darkness (cash & oldham)
                     tougher than the rest (ebtg) / nothing ever happens (del amitri) / teenage kicks (undertones)
                     i follow you into the dark (death cab for cutie) / schuld daran (carlos mogutseu)
/ das zelt (jeans team)
video:           round & round (NewOrder) / the perfect kiss (NewOrder) / confide in me (kylie minogue)
                     subterranean homesick blues (bob dylan) / kelly watch the stars (air) / hurt (johnny cash)
                     land in sicht (ton steine scherben) / 100% (sonic youth) / porcupine (echo & the bunnymen)
concert:       the cure (84, philipshalle), aztec camera (94, tor 3), NewOrder (89, philipshalle) 
                     big black (87, hammersmith odeon) / echo & the bunnymen (88, pinkpop)
                     lloyd cole & the commotions (89, brest)

tv:                Simpsons / twin peaks / ard sportschau (mit fussball!) / mit schirm, charme & melone
                     the munsters / der doktor & das liebe vieh / ein kapitel für sich / kottan ermittelt / geister 
                     kung fu / Benny Hill show /  x-files / speed racer / batman (wb-version) / der fahnder (#1)
/ malcolm mittendrin / dittsche / cheers / deathnote / elfenlied / one piece / south park /
radio:           John Peel's music (bfbs) / graffitti (wdr2, nur echt mit gunter jansen)
                     sport & musik (samstags mit kurt brumme und Fortuna in liga 1)

movies:      twelve monkeys - brazil (terry gilliam) / the wall (alan parker) / the magnificent seven (john sturges)
                     le salaire de la peur (henri georges clouzot) / tampopo (juzo itami) / ben hur (1926, ?)
                     something wild (jonathan demme) / in the name of the father & the boxer (jim sheridan)
                     star wars - the empire strikes back - the return of the yedi (george lucas) / hsia nu (king hu)
                     duck soup (leo mccarey) / alien (ridley scott) / aliens (james cameron) / alien3 (david fincher)
                     dark star (john carpenter) / hear my song (peter chelsom) / henry V (kenneth brannagh)
                     nashville lady (michael apted) / barbarella (roger vadim) / terminator 1 & 2 (james cameron)
                     the deer hunter (michael cimino) / dead again (kenneth brannagh) / ed wood (tim burton)
                     a chinese ghost story 1-3 (tsui hark / ching sui tung) / angel baby (michael rymer)
                     assault on precinct 13 (john carpenter) / trees lounge (steve buscemi) / mars attacks! (tim burton)
                     the great dictator (charles chaplin) / the killing of a chinese bookie (john cassavetes)
                     alice (claude chabrol) / gattaca (andrew niccol) / contact (robert zemeckis) / riget (lars von trier)
                       nightlife in tokio (banmei takahashi) / breaking the waves (lars von trier) / the abyss (j. cameron)
                     national lampoons christmas vacation (jeremiah s. chechik) / les jeux sont faites (j.p. sartre)
                     crouching tiger, hidden dragon (ang lee) / elizabeth (s. kapur) / high noon (f. zinneman)
                     city of god (fernando meirelles) / dead man (j. jarmush) / the sixth sense (m. night shyamalan)
                     house of the flying daggers (zhang yimou) / clerks (kevin smith) / mute witness (anthony waller)
                     memories of matsuko (tetsuya nakashima) / another earth (mike cahill) / shokuzai (kyoshi kurosawa)
                     love exposure (sion sono)

mvps:          my f'n'f / Rio Reiser / Steve Albini / Darko Drazic / Alan Shearer / Jan Ullrich / John Peel
                    Tracy Thorne / Mario Lemieux / NewOrder / Emma Peel / Marge & Homer Simpson / Aleks

sports:       FORTUNA 95 (always & 4ever) / football (sundays, rospe & takuwiesen/grüngürtel)

print:          der halbierte mensch (brian appleyard) / der ekel (jean paul sartre) / winterplanet (u.k. leguin)
                    könig von deutschland (rio reiser) / der todestrieb (jaques mesrine)
beverage:  Alt (frankenheim, schumacher) / red red wine (medanos-cabernet sauvignon; ch. dulac-medoc; mythique; amarone)
                     shochu / vodka (wyborova, kristall, nemiroff) / bloody mary / long island icetea  / pastis 51 / mojito

zitate:         i'm not even supposed 2 b here today (clerks) / enjoy yourself (specials) / nein (H.S.)
                    what u give is what u get (jam) / niemand, niemand kann i des terzöln (w. ambros)
                    darling, it's a life of surprises, it's no help getting older or wiser (prefab sprout)

links:        search for: Fortuna95; DeadPool; BertisEvil; The Terra Server; EverythingForever; Stadionwelt

troublemakers (x-cerpt)

marriage of the dilletant incompetence company and the systematic untrue nation (one wedding and six thousand funerals), power,corruption and lies (so near, so dear, i call you frankfurt and hertha),  joseph blatter (money makes the world go round), daily-talk (schuldig der fortlaufenden nötigung!), shareholders (look whatchadone 2 the world, naughty), f95-difo-intrudersfromouterspace (get back 2 where u once belong) / fcb (fallsüchtige gehören ins hospital!)