Open your mouth

Ah, kiss me with your loving lipsYour kissí so fine, whatís fine is mineOh, let me take this single sipUnzip my shoes, whatís fine is yoursAh, lead me head through gardensThrough the flowers, whatís fine is oursOh, feed me hunger in the grassSuck lick so quick, whatís fine, iím sickBut iím not going anywhereI stay at home a love affairThereís fire on the floor tonightBlood sucking grebos hold me tightIn years of hurt they grow and growUntil you slowly learn to knowThereís someone in that world outsideWaiting for your hands tonight Ah, kiss me with your loving lipsYour kissí so sweet, your sweat so sourOh, penetrate me with your smileSink me inside where i can hideEr, exploding people in the airSoft and danger, lonely strangerHuh, suck me to the ground ground groundSuck lick so quick, whatís fine iím sickBut now iím going to realizeThis blood iím in is sick as iceBlood sucking grebos hold me tightI will burn them in disguiseWalls of fire breathing airAt least this could be anywhereAt least it could be you to burnOpen your mouth, Iím coming home

Hop with the pope for the dope of no hope

Iím just a forgotten man in a forgotten town
Fighting forgotten wars for a forgotten crown
Iím not the only one despite iím only one

Und ich lebe für den tag, da selbst die zeit nicht mehr mag
Hier zu kommen und zu sehen was geschehen

Thereís just a clumsy bulk in this dutchlike town
Making unfullfillable promises, for who can bare to be forgotten

You seem to have big fun, but do you like the show

Und ich lebe in dem traum, ortsverloren an dem raum
Allein und überlebensfrei, längst vorbei


Have you killed your daily whale

Dreaming of alaska, i never had time to ask yeh
What you want and what you get itís all inside your head
Looking for last quantifier, always pushing, getting higher
Time machine, outside itís cold, the things you said, not what you told

Have you killed your daily whale
Then you get you daily ale
Keeping quiet - times are hard
Lost the rail - too late to start

Listening to Gangof4, we never get what we adore
This they say and this i think, but what i mean ainít what i think
Sitting at the Porcupine, watch the yukon-klondike shine
Beauty makes the cold feel warm, so kill the whale before the dawn

Have you killed your daily whale
You might get your daily ale
We kill the whale, we kill the whale
We kill the cat and eat the dog
So letís all kill the whale

M.E.S 6.5.87

There are no better things to be done than sleeping and wakiní up in the sun
Why canít i go out and play, just laugh and sing like it was yesterday
I know that a life ends soon, but i pretend that nothingís wrong

Du kannst mir noch soviel geben
Ein ganzes leben und erleben
Doch sterben
Sterben möcht ich lieber allein

I go to work, i go to school, the ice is cold, smooth and full of rules
Although i hate this way of life, i just havenít earned a better kind
For real words i never say, i open my mouth, i lie and i shout
Only pretending what iím about

I want to die in a crowded street while walking
I want to die without taking notice of the change
For the world hasnít noticed that i never changed

Viel kann ich dir nicht geben
Nur das lernen ohne mich zu leben
Denn sterben
Sterben möcht ich lieber allein

Just one sigh under dublin sky

The water was cold as we jumped in, it was autumn nineteen-five
No last farewell, no addresses we left, just one sigh under dublin sky
So we sailed across the ocean blue, right into our new world
The wind blew on, we sailed along, in the arms of someone new

Roll on, roll on
Oh my, oh my
little sigh under dublin sky

So we stepped on the ground our fathers went down in april eighty-six
Two crowded men never understand, why thereís love and not just sex
Blood in our hands we spit on it, we almost felt so blue
But through the crowd all we heard was a sigh under dublin sky

Six years ago, when we went home, searching for something gone
But in all those roads i never found my little sigh under dublin sky

All the young saints

Thereís just one wish I have in mindI donít want to sleep all the timeI want to die and get awayTo the place where you will stayThen step right into the sunWhere our lives once had begunTo die and melt awayCut our brains that we canít sayAnything anymoreWhat we say is such a boreSo letís look into our eyesHand in hand then we will riseTo the rivers that wonít dryFor they came down from the sky


Poe arrives

I sit alone and watch TVThe singer who has got the keyHe tells us stories of far starsOur global life and social structureOf course he is the major critWho never laughs except for moneyAnd says that these our times arenít sunnySo it goes through foggy nightsWhen you arenít here and Poe arrivesWill i ever find the timeTo regain health and drop some linesYesterday the times were goldenYou say these days are betterHow i wish these days were goodAn old joke you know, it doesnít matterEverything will count one dayAnd everything must changeI wish that we can find a wayTo meet or just to rearrange Thatís the way through cloudy nightsWhen iím alone and Poe arrivesWill i ever find the timeTo regain youth and drop some linesMoney makes the gentlemanThey say itís all for youYou know that you canít reach the topUntil you see them doYou stop -On and on through long hard nightsWhen you arenít here and Poe arrivesWill i ever find the timeTo open my heart and cross your mind

Alle sind anders

Endlich ist das fenster offenUnd er läßt mich wieder hoffenAuf die tageIn der trageEndlich scheint die sonne wiederUnd wir singen alte LiederÜbers segelnUnd vom kegelnSchön ist die landschaftGrün ist das lichtIch sonní mich von innenBin ich noch ganz dichtIch sah noch niemals jemand wie dichDenn alle sind andersGanz besonders ich Und wieder hör ich frösche quakenUnd schlagen nach den wilden schnakenDenn die sind freiBlut macht highUnd wieder seh ich vögel fluchenWeil sie nach fremden nestern suchenSie essen gern eiBesonders im maiGrün ist die landschaftSchön ist das lichtMit sonne von innenBin ich nicht ganz dichtDenn ich sah noch niemals jemand wie dichUnd alle sind andersIch und du nicht du und ich

Lincoln was a raven

Boy grows up without a toyAs we sleep, donít see the boyGirl grows up in crossfiresAs we laugh, donít see the girlAnd Lincoln was a ravenAs he sat there on his chairEh, Abraham donít be shyFly, raven, flyHe grows old, who looks at himWhen kingdomís gone, who calls him manShe grows old, who looks at herWhen beautyís gone, who will be thereAnd Lincoln was a ravenAs he sat there on his chairEh, Abraham donít be shyFly, raven, fly The raven flies and sees a boyThe raven flies and looks at herThe raven puts his faith in himThe raven will be thereThe raven comes and takes the boyThe raven comes laughs with the girlThe raven puts his trust in herThe raven takes the fearFor everyoneís a ravenIf only we would tryEh, tell me why weíre shyAbe, why donít we fly

Itís not important for me to say

I sit at the edge of my bedAnd watch out like you saidBut noone comes and noone goesI am what i want for you to showAnd all those existentialistsWho think that they are rightItís not important to be wrong or rightAs long as you believeItís not important to know my nameAs long as youíre in loveIntelligence will win you saidLike David shot GoliathItís true heís not the strongest oneBut heís got better weaponsItís not important to be weak or strongAll you can do is looseItís not important to loose or winIt will always be the same i feel that things are changingBut i guess itís only meWhy do i do the things i doAnd if i donítAm i still freeAnd if i donít need sympathySo how could i surviveItís not important to sit down or fightWhat difference does it makeItís not important to be clever or smartForever danger never saveFly high, nearly to the skyMove your legs, feel the sunLet yourself go, dive inThe purity of every manFor itís not important to be right or wrongAs long as you believeAnd thereís no importance to know your manAs long as iím in love


Wooden hearts

Look to the left, look at that manHe reads the bible of the working manHe reads of the things heíll never understandThen he rises his hand and throws it awayLook to the ground, look at that manHe plays piano, itís the best that he canAngel, the crupper, is his only fanBut heíll play his piano Ďtil the end of all daysThis is the story of the wooden heartsIt seems like in this life theyíll never take partAnd wooden hearts burn easily downBut when theyíre on fire    itís infectous So stop feeling guilty in your hungry heartsSpread your wings and walls come downYouíre free and young not to care Ďbout the pastItís your will that counts, donít be afraid no moreYou can make things better, if only you tryDonít believe them, see through their liesIf you change your mind you change the worldOne will be two, and two can be a massThis is the story of the wooden heartsIn history of men itís them to take partThey are not pure, but they know that they arenítIt takes just a small spark    to set them on fire



Oh Anjèlita, Anjèlita, Anjèlita Benitez
Oh Anita, oh Anita, oh Anita de Sanchez

Oh this year will be the last year
Full of happyness and charme
Oh next year will be the fear year
And iíll loose everything i own
So letís kiss dear and drink on this year
And have some fun dear, a year is not that long

Secret nudist party

Aida Arios AijaloThis worldís worth itAnd so are weItís worthlessA thoughtless breath on the towerThis is Godís final hourBut weíre dancing, romancingEnhancing the world that we knewOh oh la olà you knowThe bible is secretAnd so are weItís tastelessHey pen, stupid penLook ahead how we spinSatan kill satanOn the ground hero manAida Arios AijaloThis worldís worth itAnd so are weItís worthless

It couldnít be me

Listen - Do you hear themListen - Can you hear themListen - Is it me Is it just me Is it just you Or is it just  the two of us Hey you - Can you see themHey me - Do i smell themHey you - Itís against us It was just me It was just you But could it be  the two of usListen - Approaching footstepsListen - Breathing beside youHey you - where are you Iím taken awayYouíre taken awayIt wasnít just  the two of us

Get into grips

I remember the childrenís dance on the pure freedom we gave up
Laughing at the sun that shines so bright Ďcause thereís nothing to fear

Now i look at this scene in my desperate mood, it all seems so far away
The older i grew the smaller the sun and now itís fade away

The rules they made, the souls they took and the money that they left
Show us our place, tell what to do Ďtill weíve given our rest

Up and down, down and up, itís not the way my life was meant to be
Rich and poor, slow and fast, what difference do you see

Count the trees that shadow the stars that took the sun away
Search for the seas down under our cars and build the world a new

Give you your money back? thatís all your money? i guess youíll have to wait, ha!
The pay you get is never sunny, donít escape itís much to late

Up and down, down and up, thatís the way to the white sea
Old and young, happy and sad, it seems so strange to me